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Sometimes people ask me “As a director, what exactly do you do?”

It’s a complex and slightly hard-to-define job, as it covers many aspects of production and most crucially it’s a collaboration with many other artists. In essence, my job is to tell the story and let the audience listen to – in other words, properly hear – the music. They should then be able to experience the drama that the composer and librettist created.

I try to do no more than is needed to achieve this and I aim never to get in the way of the exciting communication between author and audience. Prima le parole, dopo la musica – without a text, most composers (and I stress most) would not have been inspired to write music. So we have to respect the words, and listen to the music.

I also love to explore the connections between a variety of art forms, history and the lives of creative artists. My scripts and presentations have attempted to cover this fascinating ground.

My other great enthusiasm is the education of young people: as singers, actors, designers and directors. I consider the passing on of knowledge and experience from one generation to another to be a primary and vital responsibility. It is also inspiring to be part of this process. It maybe a truism but I believe we become better at what we do when we teach it to others.

I hope you’ll enjoy this survey of my work – please let me have your comments!